The first Open Show 1990 was held in Chievely on 13th of May with 63 entered ridgebacks. A quiet, pleasant and spacious venue, along with a sunny bright day and a lovely display of trophies. A special thank you to our two lady judges, Mrs Rose Baily and Mrs Margaret Southall.  
BOS Woodrow's Mirengos Matobo and
BIS Stanley's Ch Asante Azo Mahika
Reserv Dog and BIS Veteran Ch Matabelle Marksman
Reserv Bitch Matabelle Mushatari
Best puppy in Show Matabelle Marandara
The impressing Trophy table
Puppy Dog 3 (3)
1st Morris' Kasenga Kip Kenzo
2nd Broadsmith's Chainama Waphauv
3rd Bowring's Regal Starr
Junior dog 2 (2)
1st Semen's Sansilver Samuru
2nd  Storey's Wiljoe Ollie
Novice dog 5 (5)
1st Dawe's Zafrikan Sabisa
2nd Thompson's Zafrikan Sabeka
3rd Doyle's Steynton of Albany
Res Storey's Wiljoe Ollie
VHC Bowring's Regal Starr
Limit dogs 4 (5)
1st Morris' Alderman Tollit
2nd Edwards' Bruet the Gentleman
3rd Joslyn's Sir Magnus of Lawn at Tukela
Res Peploe Shabani Kana
Open dogs 4 (5)
1st Woodrow's Mirengo's Matobo
2nd Hick's Sansilver Star of Africa
3rd Crunden's Umtali Skildpad
Res Crunden's Umtali Makarangam
Veteran dog 2 (4)
1st Simper's Matabelle Marksman
2nd Asante Chatani of Shabani
Puppy bitch 4 (4)
1st Short's Matabelle Marandara
2nd Broadsmith's Chainama Mulenga
3rd Grimwood's Caldas Ceu Coral
Res Mathewson's Burncote Belesha TAF
Junior bitches 4 (4)
1st Ellis' Zejak A Zali
2nd Oak's Mistress of Zaka
3rd Parrott's Jubercane Jade
4th Peploe's Gunthwaite Bellazara of Shabani
Novice bitch 5 (7)
1st Ellis' Zejak A Zali
Post graduate bitch 4 (7)
1st Short's Matabelle Mushatari
2nd Craigie's Imbali Hiziri
3rd Morris' Matabelle Masquerade at Kasenga
Res Sommerville's Mirengo's Maranzi of Whychenour
Open bitch 7 (7)
1st Ch Stanley's Asante Azo Mahika
2nd Woodrow's Mirengos Malindi
3rd Barnes' Diamondridge Kushika
Res Knowles' Mirengos Mir Ena
Veteran Bitch
3 (4) 1st Knowle's Mirengos Mir Ena
2nd Edwards' Ch Mirengos Makili
3rd Barnes' Watersrand Wanda
Stud Dog 2 (2)
1st Ch Woodrow's Mirengos Mandambo
2nd Ch Simper's Matabelle Marksman
Brood bitch 2 (3)
1st Simper's Matabelle Moyale
2nd Craigie's Imbali Balela